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Vancouver Titans

In 2018, Canucks Sports & Entertainment launched the professional Overwatch esports team – the Vancouver Titans.

The Overwatch League is an international esports league comprising 20 city-based teams, featuring the best Overwatch players on the planet.  The 280-match regular season begins in February and concludes with postseason playoffs in the fall.  With $5M USD in prizes, thrilling storylines, guaranteed player salaries, and cutting-edge production value, the Overwatch League is the world’s premier esports league.

Our Role

esports has seen explosive growth, and is one of the fast growing sport and entertainment segments in the world.  UNITE is proud to introduce this new and exciting sponsorship opportunity to Canadian brands that are looking to reach a demographic that is increasingly difficult to reach by traditional media.

For more information about partnership opportunities with the Vancouver Titans, contact us.